Marcel Kaczmarek
Art Direction, Digital Design

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Studio for graphic design offering both online and offline creative services. Working for local and international clients ranging from individuals to cultural institutions and small businesses. In years 2014–2017 led art direction for Warsaw Gallery Weekend. Recent commissions include visual identity for Gdańsk City Gallery, website design and development for Brussel-based Guest Rooms art space as well as ongoing creative direction + photography for kolekcje (co-creator). Part of The Coal Club and Gerrit Rietveld Academie graduate (B.Des.). Currently developing identity for polka dot contemporary dance foundation and working as an art director for upcoming project Wakker (2019). Extended portfolio upon request. No internship vacancies available right now.
Aleje Ujazdowskie 24, studio 49
00–478 Warsaw, Poland

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SERVICES → Art direction, visual identity & branding development, website design, web development, digital media, typography, print design, editorial design and occasionally photographic documentation and creative consulting.

FEATURES/PRESS → ‹Print Control› magazine issues 1–6, ‹Print Control› issue 5: interview + talk + exhibition, ‹Echoes› exhibition curated by Jakub Woynarowski at Kraków Photomonth Festival, ‹2+3D› magazine, ‹WAW› magazine, ‹Design for Freedom› exhibition curated by STGU showed in Berlin, Tokyo, Stockholm and Warsaw, ‹Scriptings#24: Regarding Bulletin› exhibition by W139 (NL), (DE), ‹Posters› exhibition by Kiln Projects (UK),, ‹Library Paper› issue 1 by Catalogue (UK), ‹Cap&Design› magazine interview (SE), ‹O Fluxo› magazine as part of Phone Arts collective (PT), ‹Voyeurism› exhibition curated by ReVision Arts showed in New York, ‹Ghosting› zine by Hassan Rahim (US), ‹Romka› magazine issue 5 (DE).

CLIENTS → Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Zachęta Project Room, National Stary Theater in Cracow, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Österreichisches Kulturforum Warschau, TVP2, Guest Rooms Brussels, Gdańsk City Gallery, Piktogram Gallery, Propaganda Gallery, Arton Foundation, Le Guern Gallery, Bátor Tábor Foundation, NAP Concept Store, TFH Butique, Shoot Me Agency, Ramp Recordings, Marcin Rusak Studio and others.

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